2016 National Dress Down Day

National Dress Down Day

Kelleigh’s Cause 4th Annual Dress Down Day.

Sign up your school here.

Dress Down Day, Jean’s Day, Casual Day, Whatever you want to call it, kids love it. More importantly it is an opportunity to teach the importance of charity, helping the less fortunate and the importance or faith and hope in difficult times.

How to join in…..
1. Let us know: You can send us an e-mail, sign up on our web site here or give us a call at (315) 682-6321.
2. Pick a date : Most schools will be participating on Friday,April 22nd, but you can choose any day.
3. Decide your donation: You know your students better than we do. Most schools ask for a donation of between $2 and $5.
4. Promote your event: We can help you with posters, flyers, and video messages. If it fits your schedule, Kelleigh could come and speak.
5. Have fun: It will be an exciting day. We will provide you with contribution return envelopes.

Fri, 04/22/2016 (All day)
United States